Recreational Fires

  • ONLY natural cut wood, no longer than 24 inches in length, may be burned.
  • The following shall NOT be burned: leaves, brush, pine needles, processed lumber, varnished, or painted materials, pallets, sawdust, wiring, furniture, carpeting, or grass.
  • No burning of materials in a barrel (also known as“barrel burning”) is allowed.
  • Fires must be in a pit no wider than 36 inches in diameter and it is recommended that it have brick or concrete block on the outside of the ring. A specially made above-ground stand, also known as a portable outdoor fireplace, may be used.
  • The fire shall be attended at all times and extinguished completely when left unattended.
  • Maintain a minimum of 25 feet between the fire and any combustible surface or material including, but not limited to, houses, fencing, trailers, and vehicles.
  • A compatibly-sized means of extinguishment must be available at all times, e.g., a garden hose connected to the house that reaches the edge of the fire.
  • Use extreme caution when weather conditions result in lack of rain for more than a week and/or high temperatures resulting in dry conditions.
  • Be observant of wind direction and smoke travel into neighboring homes. Extinguish fire if smoke is traveling into a neighboring home.